Ministry Of Education

  • CS for Education, Ambassador Amina Mohamed, challenged education Stakeholders to ensure education reforms lead to actual learning of children in the country’s school system.
  • A section of Stakeholders during the County education dialogues, at Maasai Mara University In Narok County On 8th March 2018
  • PS Higher Education
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  • CS With Students on Digital learning
  • CS Function
  • PS University Education at A function
  • PS University Education Prof. Collete Suda, monitors Students taking  KCSE Exams of 2016 in Nakuru County
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  • PS University Education, Prof. Collete Suda, witnesses opening of 2016 KCSE Exam at Nakuru County
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  • Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education,Science and Technology, Dr. Fred Matiang'i, Releases KCPE results for 2015 at  Mtihani House, Nairobi.

Directorate of Policy, Partnerships and East African Community Affairs

Functions of the Directorate

The functions of the Directorate include:-

  • Development of policies and strategies and coordinate their implementation to achieve quality education training and research.
  • Collaboration with stakeholders and other partners in Education 
  • Ensuring adherence to international conventions and commitments.
  • Monitoring and evaluating policies and programmes in the State Department of Education.
  • Initiation reforms in Education for improved service delivery in the sector.
  • Coordination of sectoral matters related to the East African Community Affairs.
  • Liaising with other countries through Ministry of Foreign Affairs on preparation of memoranda of understanding on cooperation.
  • Coordination of inter-ministerial issues related to the education sector.
  • Development, implementation and review of the communication strategy for the Ministry.
  • Coordinating the evaluation of instructional materials
  • Coordination of Governance, Accountability and Risk Management action plan
  • Coordination of Public Private Partnerships.
  • Coordination of education projects in the country.

Functional Organization

The Directorate of Policy, Partnership and East African Community Affairs has four main Departments:-

National Education Program (NEP)

  • Coordination of  National Investment Programmes
  • Provide Secretariat to the National Education Programmes
  • Liaising with Development Partners, stakeholders and private education providers.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of National Education Sector Plan (NESP) Investment areas
  • Coordinating surveys, studies and other consultancies
  • Coordinating  Education For All (EFA) and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) activities
  • Coordination of Environmental Education
  • Coordinate mainstreaming of cross-cutting issues such as HIV and AIDS, Gender in Education, Peace Education, disability mainstreaming, environmental education and Early Grade Reading

Policy and Programs

  • Coordination of Policy development and evaluation
  •  Mainstreaming of HIV and AIDS activities in educational institutions
  •  Coordination of Peace Education
  • Mainstreaming of Gender in Education activities
  • Coordination of Communication Strategy and management of Ministry’s Resource Centre
  • Evaluation of Curriculum Support Materials

Evaluation of curriculum instructional materials

  • Coordination of publishers
  • Field monitoring of curriculum materials
  • Training of Evaluators
  • Conducting independent review of curriculum materials
  • Coordination of East African Community Activities

Coordination of the Productive and Social Sectors activities

  • Participation in the sectors High Level Task Force on East African Common Market
  • Participation in the Judicial and Legal Sectors
  • Harmonization of the curriculum and Education Systems
  • Participation in the preparation for East African Community Summits
  • Participation in the preparation of Finance and Administration Sectoral Council.


Complains/corruption or complements

Reputation Management
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